Bathroom Cleaner Starter Kit
Bathroom Cleaner Starter Kit
Bathroom Cleaner Starter Kit
Bathroom Cleaner Starter Kit
Bathroom Cleaner Starter Kit
Bathroom Cleaner Starter Kit
Bathroom Cleaner Starter Kit
Bathroom Cleaner Starter Kit

Works very well

I bought this product because everytime I use cleaners I have to walk out of the room since they are so strong. This smells like tangerines and not harsh at all. It did a really good job cleaning my bathtub and I even took it to my grandma's and cleaned her tub. She said it looked like a brand new tub and she couldn't believe it. Since she had just tried cleaning it with lysol and bleach a couple days before.”


No harsh chemicals or smell yet effective and better for environment

This cleanser helps the environment because of reduced packaging and shipping costs. Two small discs, the size of Vitamin C tablets are added to water to make the cleanser.

The cleanser itself does not have the harsh chemicals or the chemical smell that ordinary cleansers have. Instead, this has a light citrus scent. The milder scent and chemical profile does not mean less effective. I found that this worked very well when I cleaned the tile and porcelain in our bathroom. I am happy to switch to this!”


Throw out those other cleaners, this works on everything!

“I have officially thrown out all my other bathroom cleaner! I'm a boy mom, and my bathroom is always gross, between soap scum, dirt and who knows what else I felt like I would never find "that product" that did it all. This product does it all and more. It removes soap scum and dirt with ease, no hard scrubbing, no need for multiple cleaners. It even removes poop from the walls without Removing the paint. It smells fantastic and the best part is that its healthier then your standard bathroom cleaners! I even use it on the floor around the toilet (again, boy mom) before mopping!!!”


Safe For My Furbabies!

DAZZ is "purrfect" for cleaning my bathroom, especially the floor space around my kitties litter box! The natural ingredients give me peace of mind that my pets are safe from any poisoning they could get from the usual cleaning products. Extra benefits include not tossing more plastic in the landfill! 👍🏼💖”


Child safe

I absolutely love Dazz. I'm a single mom and the bathroom gets dirty from both my daughter and I using it. Such peace of mind using this cleaner because, not only is it child safe but it smells great!”


Smells incredible and works like a charm!

This is my favorite DAZZ product. A very pleasant, non-chemical smell that cleans the bathroom exceedingly well.”


Bathroom Cleaner Starter Kit

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Cleaner Bathroom. Cleaner Planet.

Set the foundation for a cleaner, brighter bathroom with the DAZZ Bathroom Cleaner Starter Kit. DAZZ Bathroom Cleaner attacks the most common bathroom challenges like soap scum, hairspray, and other personal care products, while offering a light, mandarin orange scent while you clean, leaving your bathroom clean and fresh. The DAZZ refill system helps eliminate plastic waste and saves you money.



What’s included?

  • 3 packets of DAZZ Bathroom Cleaner
  • 1 high quality, reusable 24oz DAZZ spray bottle
  • A cleaner, brighter future for all



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    Cleaner Home. Cleaner Planet.

    With Dazz Cleaning Tablets, you can finally say goodbye to single-use cleaners and refill the same bottles over and over. This keeps plastic out of landills and money in your pocket!

    Save Plastic

    By refilling your home cleaners, you can save dozens of plastic bottles per year

    Save Space

    Month’s worth of DAZZ refills fit in a single drawer or cabinet

    Save Money

    With refills as low as $1.50 each, DAZZ keeps more money in your pocket

    Ingredients Matter

    Serious Cleaning Power

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 38 reviews
    Allison Carson

    The window cleaner leaves a film that becomes visible after a few days. The general cleaner did nothing for cleaning the tub. Waiting to see if it prevents soap scum buildup on glass shower walls but that will take a while.

    Rebecca Shipley
    Good cleaner

    Will order again

    C. Walker

    Cleans very well, and easy enough to mix.

    Blessing Property Maintenance
    Amazing produt

    We clean vacation rental propertys and have been using dazz for a little over a year now. The products save us money. My cleaning crews and I love only having to carry around one bottle and a few extra tablets. Also we love not having to be exposed to harsh smelly chemicals all day. We have had many customer say how clean and great their home smells with these products. These products clean just as good as any cleaning products on the market.

    Absolute waste of money !!

    I have absolutely no idea how anyone can give this product five stars ?!Were people rating a different product than what I received. Did the the company all of sudden changed their formula ?I had much better results from a cheap everyday cleaning spray I picked up from Smart and final !I wished I could return the extra tablets which I ordered before trying out this product !!!