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Wonderful DAZZ
We love the DAZZ products. Our house won’t use any other cleaner now that we have discovered DAZZ. Great for our earth and for our home!!!!”

Mary Kay

Clean house. Clean Planet.
Love knowing that I can safely keep my home clean and not add any more plastic waste to the planet. DAZZ is the best!”


Love your starter kit.
All the products clean so well. Leaves a fresh natural sent. Had other people try it and said it was awesome. Would definitely recommend it to others. ALSO LIKE THE IDEA OF LEAVING A LESS CARBON FOOTPRITNT.”


Easy- Peasy
It doesn’t get easier than this. I think I’ve just purchased my last spray bottle for cleaning for the rest of my life. I bought the starter set, and now all I have to do is spray and wipe. It’s simple, effective, and the color makes it kind of fun. I love it, I believe in it, and I’m not going back.”


Amazing product!
We clean vacation rental properties and have been using dazz for a little over a year now. The products save us money. My cleaning crews and I love only having to carry around one bottle and a few extra tablets. Also we love not having to be exposed to harsh smelly chemicals all day. We have had many customers say how clean and great their home smells with these products. These products clean just as good as any cleaning products on the market.”

Blessing Property Mgmt

Great way to help the environment and get a clean house!
I hate cleaning. I hate wasting plastic. This product helps solve one of those problems! Namely, the reusable bottles stop me and my family from adding so much plastic waste to the landfills every year. These products are not only environmentally responsible but save shipping costs, which saves fuel costs and carbon usage for the delivery carrier and work great on top of all that. I will never go back.”


Better than the Big Brands
Dazz is a top-notch cleaner. Of all the brands out there, the All Purpose Dazz is the only cleaner that doesn’t streak my glass cooktop. I am pretty savage in the kitchen and Dazz handles all the messes I can throw at it. The glass cleaner is great and the bathroom cleaner is amazing. They all smell great, too. Plus, you get the warm fuzzy feeling inside knowing that you’re reusing bottles and keeping plastics out of the landfill! I love this product and it’s marketing. Highly recommend!”


Where has this been? Great idea
This concept is great and they pull it off well. Product works well, smells nice/not too strong. One of those "where has this been" ideas.”


Perfect cleaning product
These are the only cleaning products I’ll buy now. They smell great, work so well and there’s one for everything you need. Recently got a puppy and needed a safe cleaning option and this is it!”

Kate Pinker

Great stuff
Works well. Smells pleasant. Economical and good for the environment. Win win win . Will definitely continue using.”

Doug M

Will this help save the world from the plastic invasion?
This stuff works as good if not better than Windex and other multi surface cleaners. It is easy to mix, apply and use. I think that everyone should be using this EARTH SAVING product.”

Robert J.

Greatest cleaning product of all time
Normally I don’t leave reviews. But the cleaning power and all-around greatness of Dazz is amazing. On top of being a great cleaning product it ships with tablets not water. This reduces the impact the environment. This will be a game changer for all the cleaning supply companies. Going to be ordering refills ASAP. Should be in every home.”


I love and recommend!

I ordered the Whole House Soap Starter Kit and been using it a few times a day since. Nice in my 2 baths and over the kitchen sink. I love it! Lightly scented lavender and citrus, awesome light lavender color and nice simple bottle design that I can use over and over by purchasing the tablets to refill. It takes a lot less space in my pantry to stock supply of our hand soap. I also notice that my hands feel softer and smoother. I like the idea that in some way I can help save the environment by reusing same plastic bottles. I am also happy with the pricing. I will definitely be purchasing again and again”


Perfect product - saves money and the environment!

This product is great! Does its job, and saves the environment while saving me money. What more could you ask for in a hand soap? The lavender lemon smell is nice but not so strong as to be overpowering. The tablet took a little longer than I expected to dissolve but I didn’t have any issues. I just did something else while I waited. My daughter was transfixed by the dissolving tablet’s bubbles and was WOWed that we had turned one small tablet and tap water into hand soap!”



This product cleans our hands very well. We love that we are helping sustain our environment with all of the DAZZ products that we use. We use them ALL every day!!! Best concept and it works great! WE ARE FANS”

Jack and MK

So fresh, so soft, so clean

This fluffy, foamy soap is gentle on our hands, and we love the dispenser bottles. It's also non-toxic which is great! Most of all, it is child-friendly.”


Works Great

I like the eco-friendliness of this soap & it seems to work well as my bathroom hand soap.”


Love the smell

The lemon lavender scent is very nice with just a very small touch of die for a purple shade. Works well. Bottles and pumps are good quality. I have big hands so I use 2 pumps if my hands are really dirty.”


Light, clean and very foamy!

I like it! The pump for it is awesome and it foams so well. The scent is light and refreshing and it lathers and rinses nicely. Thanks, Dazz!”


Works very well

I bought this product because everytime I use cleaners I have to walk out of the room since they are so strong. This smells like tangerines and not harsh at all. It did a really good job cleaning my bathtub and I even took it to my grandma's and cleaned her tub. She said it looked like a brand new tub and she couldn't believe it. Since she had just tried cleaning it with lysol and bleach a couple days before.”


No harsh chemicals or smell yet effective and better for environment

This cleanser helps the environment because of reduced packaging and shipping costs. Two small discs, the size of Vitamin C tablets are added to water to make the cleanser.

The cleanser itself does not have the harsh chemicals or the chemical smell that ordinary cleansers have. Instead, this has a light citrus scent. The milder scent and chemical profile does not mean less effective. I found that this worked very well when I cleaned the tile and porcelain in our bathroom. I am happy to switch to this!”