9 years ago, we set out to create a unique concept in household cleaners unlike anything seen before.

We identified four core objectives that would become our guiding principles…

After years of research and development, all four objectives were attained and DAZZ was born






Lagniappe… For those not from Louisiana, Lagniappe basically means any extra or unexpected benefit.

Although we didn’t set out to achieve these goals, take a look at these additional benefits of DAZZ:

  • Clean manufacturing. With our small production facility in Colorado, in a room the size of most people’s bedrooms, we can match the output of a full-scale bottling facility. Most of the world’s ready-to-use spray cleaners are produced in facilities that span acres, consume high levels of energy and resources, and produce both air and water pollution. The manufacturing of DAZZ consumes very little energy and produces zero air and water pollution.
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint. A pallet of spray cleaners weighs over a ton and takes up about 100 cubic feet of space. The fuel required for shipping these heavy bottles and the emissions generated in the process is significant. A comparable quantity of DAZZ weighs less than 15 lbs. and can be sent through the mail in a small box.
  • Shop at home convenience. Guess what…spray bottles leak! Toss a bottle of your favorite ready-to-use spray cleaner in the mail and see what happens. DAZZ is small, light, and there’s nothing to leak, which means you can buy DAZZ online and have it safely and inexpensively shipped to your home.