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Throw out those other cleaners, this works on everything!

“I have officially thrown out all my other bathroom cleaner! I'm a boy mom, and my bathroom is always gross, between soap scum, dirt and who knows what else I felt like I would never find "that product" that did it all. This product does it all and more. It removes soap scum and dirt with ease, no hard scrubbing, no need for multiple cleaners. It even removes poop from the walls without Removing the paint. It smells fantastic and the best part is that its healthier then your standard bathroom cleaners! I even use it on the floor around the toilet (again, boy mom) before mopping!!!”


Safe For My Furbabies!

DAZZ is "purrfect" for cleaning my bathroom, especially the floor space around my kitties litter box! The natural ingredients give me peace of mind that my pets are safe from any poisoning they could get from the usual cleaning products. Extra benefits include not tossing more plastic in the landfill! 👍🏼💖”


Child safe

I absolutely love Dazz. I'm a single mom and the bathroom gets dirty from both my daughter and I using it. Such peace of mind using this cleaner because, not only is it child safe but it smells great!”


Smells incredible and works like a charm!

This is my favorite DAZZ product. A very pleasant, non-chemical smell that cleans the bathroom exceedingly well.”


Gets Glass Squeaky Clean

This isn't a traditionally-packaged glass cleaner like you would normally get at the store. With this, you get a spray bottle and two tablets that you dissolve in water. I really like this idea. As for the cleaner itself, it works great on windows and mirrors. The spray bottle is also good quality and it's easy to control the spray stream. I like this and would recommend it.”

Carefree Retiree

So easy with less waste!! A+++++

I've tried the generic and brand made window products and none of them compare to DAZZ. So simple and safe. I love that I can reuse the bottle thus helping the environment. Totally recommend!”


Smells Great! Cleans Better!

I'm gonna be honest. I'm not the best at cleaning and it's really because the smell of cleaners give me a headache. Well, MOST cleaners. I love the minty smell!”


Works very well

I am impressed by this product. It has a fresh minty smell and does a great job in cleaning with the added bonus of creating less plastic waste. I will definitely buy it again.”


Fabulous product and concept

This is a great product! I love that it’s reusable and easy to store. Just fill up the bottle with water and drop the tablet. This works just like windex. It doesn’t leave behind streaks and is great!”


Great glass cleaner

My windows get dirty fast with dust flying around from the neighboring farm so I started looking for a product to bring out the shine of my window glass. I found DAZZ and like how well it cleans and shines the windows and keeps them clean and clear.”


Great value, smells great!

Cleans with a streak free shine, and smells way better then your ammonia filled windex. It was super easy to make. It has the same consistency as any other liquid cleaner. Plus its healthier for you and your family! I even added thr refill packs to my subscribe and save. I love it!”


Excellent Product

Really impressed by this kit! The cleaner is effective and smells great - no harsh chemical smell. I love that it is dog friendly so I can use it all around my house!”


Tough on Grease

I'm constantly cooking at home. My stove top is covered in grease constantly. The All-Purpose cleaner is my go to for getting tough grease stains off the stove top.”


Works and smells great!

Better than the harsh chemical name brands and better for the environment.” 


Literally works on Everything!
I own all 3 of these products. Window and Glass, Bathroom and Multipurpose. The Multipurpose is my most used. I literally threw out all my other cleaners! This product works! It is well worth the money spent. This particular cleaner i use the most. I use it on my tables, chairs, counters, stove, sink. I have even sprayed it on the floor in places while mopping to help with the tuff spots. I love this company and their products. And they are pet and kid friendly which is definitely a plus!!”


Love this cleaner

Fun to watch it fizzle after you put powder and water in bottle (leave sprayer off bottle until fizzing stops completely or some will come out the tip due to the pressure). Once done fizzing, screw on sprayer. It has a nice mist that covers a large area, cleaner smells lovely. Crystal clear lightweight bottle. Non streaking, great for black appliances. These people did everything right when making this- my new fav cleaner.”