The Clean Hands Bundle
The Clean Hands Bundle
The Clean Hands Bundle

The Clean Hands Bundle

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Cleaner Hands. Cleaner Planet.

Enjoy an exceptional hand washing experience with our new Foaming Hand Soap. Our proprietary vegetable-based cleaners create a rich foam that cleans thoroughly and rinses completely. Our natural lavender lemon scent is refreshing, light, and not overpowering

What’s included?

  • 6 packets of Foaming Hand Soap
  • 3 high quality, reusable 8.5 oz. DAZZ foaming hand soap dispensers
  • A cleaner, healthier future for all


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    Cleaner Home. Cleaner Planet.

    With Dazz Cleaning Tablets, you can finally say goodbye to single-use cleaners and refill the same bottles over and over. This keeps plastic out of landills and money in your pocket!

    Save Plastic

    By refilling your home cleaners, you can save dozens of plastic bottles per year

    Save Space

    Month’s worth of Dazz refills fit in a single drawer or cabinet

    Save Money

    With refills as low as $1.33 each, Dazz keeps more money in your pocket

    Ingredients Matter

    Serious Cleaning Power

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 19 reviews
    Clean hands bundle is super

    I like the light fragrance and cleansing bubbles from the Dazz hand cleaning mixes . It is nice to have refillable bottles, too. Friends have made positive comments after using it at my home!

    Nice Product

    Our first impression is that these will make ok soaps for our bathrooms, but aren't as nice as others we've tried. The pump bottles seem rather flimsy, so hoping they will last! Since these are meant to be "forever," a sturdier more decorative bottle would be nice. We like the light tint of color, but wish they were a bit more fragrant. The tablets disolve well and pump out in a thick foam. It does take a few pumps to get a lather going, otherwise it kind of just disolves on hands right away. The compostable packaging is great, and we are glad for a product that reduces plastic waste! Overall, a nice project given the price.

    Brittany Ardito
    Excellent foaming hand soap

    I am a huge fan of foaming hand soap. I like that these containers are reusable and that all you have to do is buy the refillable pods which are very affordable. It’s very easy to mix a pod with warm water and let it dissolve. I also really like that there is no strong scent and that it doesn’t dry my hands out.

    April Donachy
    Save money, save the planet

    As far as other tablet cleaners, Dazz is by far the best value. I love that everything is thought out from the tablets to the compostable package. Even the mailer was recyclable. This hand soap has a nice, mild scent. The foam isn't really rich but does leave your hands feeling nice and soft. I use the Dazz cleaners as well. I love everything so far

    Vanessa Hadley
    Finally something that works and does not make my skin unhappy.

    I opened up the Dazz soap tablets yesterday. It was fun to watch the tablet dissolve and fizz. I like the scent it is not too strong. When I wash my hands they are clean and no redness. I am sending one bottle and tablet to my mother. Over all I am really happy I found this product.