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(And these animals...)

Sea Turtle Plastic

we couldn’t sit silently and watch, so we did something about it.

Company Timeline

  • 2012 Timeline Right Arrow

    The Idea Hit.

  • 2012 - 2014 Timeline Right Arrow

    Research and DAZZ formula development.

  • 2015 Timeline Right Arrow

    Manufacturing process perfected.

  • 2016 Timeline Right Arrow

    Test launch on HSN, Amazon, and Walmart.com.

  • 2017 - 2019 Timeline Right Arrow

    Website development and digital campaign launch.

  • 2020 Timeline Right Arrow

    Foreign market launch
    (South Africa, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand) Retail distribution.

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A Note From Our Founder

Hi! I am David, Founder and CEO of Dazz Cleaning Tablets. Thanks so much for supporting our American made, privately owned company. I started Dazz with two goals: 1. To create a cleaner, safer planet for my children and 2. To combat the single-use plastic epidemic plaguing our landfills and oceans. Together, we can create a cleaner planet and a cleaner home. 

 - David Shahan

David Dazzle