Dazz Hand Soap Tablets

Refillable foaming hand soap that saves plastic, space, and money

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Save Plastic

By refilling your hand soap, you can play a huge role in reducing plastic waste across the globe

Save Space

Say goodbye to wasted space - months worth of refills fit in a single drawer

Save Money

Forget buying a new pump every time your hand soap runs low - refill your bottle for as low as $1.75

Save Your Skin

Dazz Hand Soap contains NO toxic chemicals and is formulated with your skin in mind

How Dazz Works



Fill with plain tap water



Drop in Dazz Hand Soap Tablets



Get to scrubbin'

Four Great Scents. No Nasty Chemicals.

Lavender Lemon 🍋

Strawberry Rose 🍓

Pina Colada 🍹

Eucalyptus Mint 🍃

Choose Your Hand Soap Starter Kit

Foaming Hand Soap Starter Kit


Try Dazz Hand Soap out with a single pump + 3 refills

The Clean Hands Bundle


Bring sustainability to every sink in the house with 4 pumps + 4 refills

"I love it! Lightly scented lavender and citrus, awesome light lavender color and nice simple bottle design that I can use over and over by purchasing the tablets to refill."

"This product is great! Does its job, saves the environment, and saved me money. What more could you ask for in a hand soap? The lavender lemon smell is nice but not so strong as to be overpowering."

"One of the best products I have used. It is easy to make and it smells amazing, plus it leaves my hands super soft."

"It takes a lot less space in my pantry to stock supply of our hand soap. I also notice that my hands feel softer and smoother."

Our Story

9 Years ago, we set out to create a line of household products unlike anything seen before. We identified four core objectives that would become our guiding principles, namely: Performance, Safety, Sustainability, and Value

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Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to create household cleaning products that are safe, sustainable, and affordable without compromising performance. We believe that doing the right thing shouldn’t require sacrifice.

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