Is DAZZ “chemical free”?

Well, YES and NO. If by “chemical” you mean those harsh, nasty ones that require a chemistry degree just to pronounce, then YES, DAZZ is free of all that junk. But, by the true definition of a “chemical” (fyi – plain water is technically a chemical), we’d have to say no its not chemical free, but DAZZ is carefully formulated with naturally safe chemicals.


Sure, our All-Purpose cleaner is a beautiful shade of GREEN. But seriously, “Green Cleaning” is one of the most over-used and misunderstood terms in household cleaning. No one group or agency has created a clear definition or guidelines for the term. So, we have aired on the side of caution and formulated all DAZZ products with safe ingredients found on the EPA’s (Environmental Protection Agency) Safer Chemical Choice list. We figured if anyone could define green chemicals, it would be the EPA.

Is DAZZ “All-Natural”?

Once again, All-Natural is another overused and misunderstood term. DAZZ utilizes ingredients that are naturally derived from both plant and mineral sources. Take Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda) for example. It is a fabulously effective and extremely safe cleaning ingredient. It is mined in the form of a mineral ore called Trona. Our Citric Acid comes from citrus. And, our primary detergent is derived from coconuts. However, with all of these naturally safe ingredients, there are additional steps to process them into a form that can be used for cleaning. In our opinion, using a sliced lemon to clean your sink is an “All-Natural” cleaner. DAZZ runs a close 2nd.

Does DAZZ disinfect?

No, we do not currently offer an EPA registered disinfectant. But frankly speaking, those other products in the cleaning aisle that claim “kills 99.5% of all bacteria & viruses”, don’t really do what they say (based on how most people clean). If you get out your magnifying glass and read the small print, those disinfectants say that you must first clean the surface (fyi – disinfectant chemicals don’t clean), then thoroughly wet the surface with the disinfect and allow it to remain for at least 10 minutes. Now who really does that? Don’t we all use the standard spray and wipe method? DAZZ is currently working on a highly effective sanitizing spray that will be easy to use. In the meantime, instead of worrying about killing the bacteria, just remove it with DAZZ – the end result is the same… its gone! PS. Google “over use of household disinfectants”, you’ll think twice before using them again.

Is DAZZ safe to use on Natural Stone (granite, marble, etc.)?

YES. Not only is DAZZ safe on natural stone, it also won’t damage the sealer that is on most stone surfaces. You may not know it, but your granite counters need periodic sealing. The frequency of re-sealing your granite depends largely on how you clean it. Most harsh cleaners on the market actually strip the sealer off your granite, leaving the raw stone exposed to staining. DAZZ won’t strip the sealer, thereby allowing you to go longer between re-sealings.

I’ve got hard water, will DAZZ work with my water?

YES. DAZZ is formulated with natural salts to soften your water.

My DAZZ sprayer is leaking, is it broken?

Maybe, but probably not. Odds are, you simply put the sprayer on before the tablets fully dissolved. Since the tablets are effervescent, that fizz they create releases carbon dioxide bubbles into the bottle. If you don’t allow those harmless gases to escape, it creates pressure that forces liquid up through the dip tube and out the bottle. If this is happening, remove the sprayer and allow the built-up pressure to be released. Also, it’s always a good idea to keep the nozzle in the OFF position while not in use. However, if you’re sprayer is actually cracked or otherwise not working (for any reason – even if you broke it ), simply contact us and we’ll send you a new one free of charge.

I’m in a hurry, how can I get DAZZ tablets to dissolve faster?

So you love cleaning so much, you just can’t wait to get going? We know how you feel, we’re the same way. Here’s two quick solutions. #1 use warm water. The higher the water temperature, the quicker the effervescent reaching. #2 crush up the tablets before opening the packet and pour in the powder and pieces. **WARNING** For both these solutions, the effervescent reaction can be quite robust. We suggest only filling the bottle 2/3rds of the way full, add DAZZ, let dissolve, then top off your bottle. Otherwise, you may experience what we call the…. Volcano Effect 

DAZZ smells terrific, are you sure the tablets are not edible? Or… I “accidentally” ate a tablet, am I going to die?

Technically, DAZZ is non-toxic, so yes, you could technically eat one (but DON’T). Or, don’t worry if you ate one, you’re not going to die. However, your tummy and your mouth probably are not going to feel great (we know, we tried). Although DAZZ is made from naturally safe ingredients, the tablets are highly concentrated. So, to eat a whole tablet would have the same effect as drinking a half a bottle of DAZZ that has been mixed with your water. It would be equivalent to eating a ½ cup of toothpaste, a tablespoon of baking soda, taking a bite of a soap bar, and washing it all down with a can of soda (for the citric acid). Not an enjoyable experience, but not deadly.

On a more serious note: With all the bad press from laundry pods, should I worry about my kids (or pets) accidentally eating DAZZ tablets?

Yes and No. First, keep all cleaning products out of reach of children. Here at DAZZ, we all have kids & pets (which we are quite fond of), so safety has always been a top concern. What makes DAZZ different from those pods you’ve heard about in the news is their taste. The chemicals in Pods (and other similar products) are more hazardous, and, they are housed in PVA film (that dissolves in water). So, to a kid or dog, these pods look like delicious candy, but have no flavor. They pop them in their mouth and can swallow them before they taste anything. The PVA film then dissolves in their esophagus or stomach and the chemical is released. Very Bad! Despite the terrific smell of DAZZ tablets, they taste terrible. Plus, with the instantaneous effervescent reaction when a tablet hits anything moist (like a tongue), that terrible taste comes with a robust reaction that is absolutely miserable. We can almost guarantee that speed of ejection of a DAZZ tablet leaving the mouth will be just shy of breaking the sound barrier.