Are you the New CEO for DAZZ?

DAZZ is a growing eco brand seeking a new CEO, but we’re doing things a little differently! We’re running a contest to find the most passionate, growth-minded leader to become the new face of DAZZ and our Chief Executive. Think you’ve got what it takes?

Contest entry closes October 10th

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Your Opportunity to Run a Growing Eco Brand & make a measurable impact on plastic waste 

Are you an experienced eCommerce/CPG brand leader? Or maybe an entrepreneur looking for your next big opportunity? DAZZ needs a talented individual like you to take our growing brand to the next level.

After raising over $1.3M from nearly 1,900 investors from 55 countries, we executed on our strategy to scale manufacturing, improve/expand product lines, and attract our first cohort of loyal customers. DAZZ is quickly becoming an international sensation with distribution throughout the US and eight foreign markets (and growing). With recent retail distribution efforts, we're getting stocked on new retail shelves every month!

What is DAZZ?

DAZZ is a disruptive CPG brand in the household cleaning industry: manufacturing dissolvable, non-toxic cleaning tablets that allow customers to reuse their spray bottles over and over - saving plastic and money.

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Why a Contest?

We are a non-traditional company disrupting the household cleaning industry, as such we are using non-traditional means to find the talent we need to accelerate growth. In the past, we’ve gone the traditional routes using headhunters and recruiters. This path simply got us traditional applicants looking for traditional jobs, and that's not what DAZZ needs...

The Opportunity You've Been Dreaming about

Have you dreamed of being an owner of an industry-changing eco brand? Or building and leading a team of likeminded, talented individuals, creating the perfect company culture for success? How about quickly growing your business to a lucrative exit? If that's you, DAZZ could be the opportunity you’ve been dreaming about!

  • $120,000* Equity Bonus
  • Set Your Own Pay/Benefits
  • Set Your Own  Schedule
  • Earn up to 25% Equity

*1% equity bonus based on our most recent valuation

This opportunity isn't for everybody

Our ideal candidate


If you’re uninspired, don’t bother auditioning. We need someone with a true passion for the DAZZ mission.


Our new CEO must possess an unwavering determination for success, stopping at nothing to see DAZZ  accelerate growth.


Momentum and speed are critical to our success, we need somebody determined to win and prepared to take action.

Have what it takes? Here's how to enter!

The initial phase of the contest closes on October 10th, take the next step today!

  • Follow the link below to take a quick, 11 question quiz. Based on how well you do on that quiz, you may be invited to move forward.
  • Complete a more extensive Q&A to uncover your skills and experience. Successful candidates will move on to our one-on-one pre-audition call.
  • 30-minute virtual meeting. Here’s where we’ll dig in a bit deeper, ask more questions, let you ask your questions, and together determine if you will move on in the contest. 
  • Let the auditions begin. Each contestant will prepare their submission in any format they choose. Create a video, a written report, an old school PowerPoint, whatever you choose. We will provide a rough outline of everything that must be included, and all contestants will be supplied the same data (historic and current) on the operations of DAZZ.
  • The top three will be selected and brought in for a one-on-one review of their submission and additional Q&A. Background checks, reference checks, social media screening, etc. will be conducted.
  • The winner will be announced!
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What's the Buzz on Dazz?

With appearances on major news outlets and network TV shows, DAZZ has been generating buzz for years!

mass-market appeal & Serious Impact

Our lab-tested,  plant-based cleaners are not only as effective as the big brands, but they appeal to more market segments


By reducing plastic waste, DAZZ appeals to the environmentally conscious.


With starter kits from $10.50 and refills from $6, DAZZ appeals to the cost-conscious.


Natural, plant-based ingredients means DAZZ appeals to the health & safety-conscious.

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