Thoughtful, Eco-Friendly Ways to Celebrate Mom This Mother’s Day

Thoughtful, Eco-Friendly Ways to Celebrate Mom This Mother’s Day

As we all know, Mother’s Day looks a bit different this year. Many of us are separated from our moms in this quarantine, and for those of us who are lucky to be with our moms, a lot of the activities we’d normally be doing are now off-limits (i.e. mimosas at Mom’s favorite brunch spot).

But, quarantine or not, moms and mother-figures still deserve to be celebrated, so that’s what we’re going to do. We’ve put together a few ideas for ways to show Mom some love, whether you’re with her or apart. And, because we also love Mother Earth, these ideas are pretty kind to her as well.

Buy Some Local Flowers

Ah, the quintessential Mother’s Day gift – a bouquet of flowers. While it’s so easy to grab some flowers from Walmart or Safeway, or order them online from one of those massive flower delivery sites, this year you may want to think about checking out your local florist. 

Florists, just like all those other “nonessential” businesses, took quite a hit thanks to COVID-19. But, now that Stay-at-Home orders are beginning to lift, it may be time to put on your face mask and swing by your neighborhood flower shop. Custom orders may not be available with the conditions, but you can still find a sweet bunch of local flowers to give to your mom. 

And, if your mom lives far away, try looking up florists around her neighborhood and seeing if they do home delivery. When you purchase local, you’re significantly decreasing the carbon footprint that would’ve been left by national (or international) delivery. 

Clean Her House

Remember when Mom used to clean up after all of your messes? Or how much she’d have to bug you to clean your own dang room? Well, now’s the perfect time to return the favor.

Grab some DAZZ, gloves, and a mask, then get to work scrubbing Mom’s house from end to end. Polish her mirrors, dust her blinds, disinfect her door knobs (with hydrogen peroxide, not any of those harsh chemical disinfectants), and tackle all those hard-to-reach places. Your mother will thank you and then probably ask if you can come back again next week. 

Of course, this one is better suited for people who are quarantining with or near their moms; but, if you’re far away right now, you can always send her a letter promising a future home cleaning. 

Do Some Yard Work for Her

Nothing says “I love you, Mom” and “I also love you, Mother Earth” like some good old-fashioned lawn work. 

This is another option that can either be done immediately or promised for later, but there’s a lot of variety to it. You can mow the grass for her (a classic). You can replant her garden (or start a new one, if you’re willing to help her keep up with it). You can pull weeds, trim trees, take care of her compost pile, maybe even make a topiary if you’re feeling artsy. 

Is your mom an animal lover? You could even build her a bird feeder for the backyard, and give her a little nature action to watch while she’s self-isolating. Here’s a few DIY ideas

Make Your Mom a World-Class Breakfast

Can’t go to brunch? No problem. The web is full of mouth-watering ideas for creating a breakfast-worthy brunch in your own kitchen. See here and here

Are you quarantining away from your mom (or maybe your kitchen skills leave something to be desired)? A lot of your local restaurants probably offer delivery, and a few of your favorite brunch spots may even have Mother’s Day specials that can be sent straight to Mom’s doorstep. A quick Google search will tell you who’s offering what, and the more local you get, the better.