Protecting All You Love

Protecting All You Love

Here at DAZZ, we understand the value of cleanliness as well as the need to create safe and protected environments for our families, friends, businesses, pets, and our earth. We research and develop healthy solutions that reduce waste to benefit all.   We care about this planet and the people (and critters) that inhabit it, so we want the work we do to reflect that. 

In keeping with that spirit, we’ve decided to unveil our new tagline for you guys:

DAZZ: Protecting All You Love

Of course, this is more than just a tagline - it’s also our mission. 

We’ve thought a lot about what it means to protect all that you love. What is it that you love, and how do you go about protecting it? Well, this idea encompasses a lot, and we wanted to share with you guys what this phrase means to us.

Protecting Your Family

Your family includes much more than those related to you by blood. Your family is your friends, your housemates, your pets, your neighbors even. It’s the people you care about, the people you surround yourself with - and you want to keep them safe and healthy.

This is why we’re so intentional about what we put into our DAZZ formulations. We use all-natural, non-toxic ingredients that are meant to be just as safe as they are effective. Your family deserves more than those harsh chemicals that are in traditional cleaners. They deserve ingredients they can trust (and pronounce), which is why all of our DAZZ packaging includes a full ingredients list (and there are only six ingredients to list).

Protecting Your Home

Along the same vein, your home also deserves a certain level of care and protection. Your home is meant to protect you, so why not do whatever you can to make it a safe, comfortable space?

We’ve created our products with the intention of making your home as clean and as healthy as possible. Our formulas are made to be tough on messes and gentle on surfaces, as opposed to harsh chemicals that would damage your home over time. We want to help you keep your household clean while preserving the comfort and appearance of the space, so we’ve found that balance between safety and efficacy when it comes to our cleaning products.

Your home may not be a living, breathing thing, but it is the environment you and your loved ones spend much of your time in - why not protect it?

Protecting Your Budget

Money isn’t everything, but there is no denying that financial stability is an important factor in taking care of yourself and your family. We recognize this, and we want to help you make smart purchasing decisions in order to protect your budget (and your financial future).

Cleaning products may not seem like a huge drain on your finances, but think about how often you clean - now think of how many products you use and how often you have to replace them. When you replace your traditional cleaning products, you are typically paying for three things: a plastic bottle, a little bit of cleaning solution, and a whole lot of water. Really, you just need one of those, and it isn’t the water or the bottle - this means you are primarily paying for things you don’t need, and you’re doing this on a fairly consistent basis. 

We saw this pattern and recognized it as a problem that could easily be solved. With DAZZ, the need for a new bottle and water each time you purchase cleaning products is eliminated. Our effervescent tablets are the only item you need to buy - you can reuse the same spray bottle over and over again, and the water can just come from your tap. Because of this, DAZZ costs up to 50% less than traditional ready-to-use cleaning products. 


Protecting Your Earth

Just as we want to help you protect your individual home, we also care about protecting your larger home, the home to all of us - planet Earth. This rock in the universe is the only home we have, so why not make a conscious effort to maintain it as a safe, healthy, and beautiful space?

Each year, over one billion plastic spray bottles are thrown out in the United States. Many of those bottles end up in landfills, or the ocean, and contribute to environmental damage caused by the ever-growing amount of plastic waste created by humans. The current use-and-discard cycle of the household cleaning industry is a major factor in this crisis.

With DAZZ, you can minimize plastic waste in at least one area of your life - so far, we’ve helped individuals like you keep over 375,000 plastic bottles out of landfills. We want to continue giving you the resources to protect this incredible planet.