Dazz Now Available in Australia!

DAZZ Cleaning Tablets have saved over 200,000 spray bottles going to landfill in the US. Saving the environment is something we need to do on a global level. Through LAZARK, Australia can now join the DAZZ cleaning revolution @ DAZZCleaner.com.au

Australia has an advanced curb side recycling program collecting bazillions of tonns of recycled materials each year. However, dive a little deeper and you will find that only around 12% of plastics are actually recycled, the rest go to landfill.  Les the “L” in LAZARK and his family the other letters, wanted to do their ‘bit’ for the environment, and have introduced DAZZ Cleaning tablets so Aussie consumers can re-use their existing bottles.

From now on Australian’s can join the DAZZ cleaning revolution, not only saving plastic bottles but also space in their cupboards whilst saving a few dollars as well. It’s time to make a change, and help save the planet one bottle at a time.