DAZZ Gets a Makeover: Our New, Eco-Friendly Packaging

DAZZ Gets a Makeover: Our New, Eco-Friendly Packaging

You may have noticed that something looks a little different around here…and we’re not just talking about the website!

2020 was a big year for everyone (and for a variety of reasons), but for DAZZ it was a time to develop and plan our full rebrand, which included new packaging, new designs, and the new site you’re currently on. As part of this rebrand, we’d like to introduce our updated packaging, and explain some of the goals we had in mind while designing it.



First, we wanted to make sure that our packaging accurately represented our environmental efforts. One of the questions we’re most frequently asked is, “Why do you use plastic to package your tablets?”

And honestly, we get it. Even though our tablet packets were made from recyclable plastic, our mission has always been to use as little plastic as possible in our manufacturing and packaging process – we know that’s what many of you care about too.

We’d been on the hunt for the most sustainable alternative, spending several years researching and testing different materials in the hopes that one would fit all of our needs and your needs. With the newness of mainstream compostability, it was difficult to find packaging that would a) keep our tablets tightly sealed and b) biodegrade fully in the environment. We finally settled on a compostable, corn-derived PLA film for our tablet packets, just in time for the rebrand.

Additionally, we are in the process of rolling out compostable boxes for our Starter Kits and Refill Kits once we hit the shelves in brick-and-mortar retail stores.



Ever since we started in 2012, we’ve been using 32oz spray bottles that are fairly traditional to the cleaning industry.

But you know what? We’re far from traditional.

So, we decided to change up the design of our bottles to reflect that. Our new spray bottles are 24 oz Bullet Round bottles, meaning they have a longer, more rounded shape. They’re designed to stand out on the shelf and look good in your home, while also providing a comfortable grip for while you clean.

We also changed up our bottle labels. Now, if you purchase a DAZZ bottle in any of our Starter Kits or Bundles, the label will be printed directly onto the bottle. The new label is clean and minimal, with just the DAZZ logo and the product name in white text.





Just like with the new bottle label, we wanted the imagery on our packaging to be simple and clear. No one wants to spend several minutes trying to decipher wordy, confusing packages when they’re purchasing cleaning products (or anything, for that matter).

With the new packaging and design, we wanted to be clear about what DAZZ is, what DAZZ will do, and what DAZZ is made of. The goal was to ensure that someone unfamiliar with our product could quickly glance over our labels and immediately see that we sold tablet-based, non-toxic cleaning products.

Our main image shows a colored tablet beginning to dissolve as it’s dropped into water, which is exactly what our DAZZ tablets do. The product name (Bathroom Cleaner, Hand Soap, etc.) is prominently displayed across the front of our tablet packets, and the product type (Starter Kit, Refill Packs) is in large print across the retail boxes.

The hope is that, with this new design, people will look at our packaging and quickly understand what DAZZ is about.

So that was our thought process behind the new packaging – now, we want to hear what you think! Give us a shout at customerservice@dazzcleaner.com, and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more brand updates.