All Purpose Starter Kit

All Purpose Starter Kit
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Begin your journey with Dazz with our starter kit. Cut through grease, spills, and sticky messes of all kinds with our hard-working, all-purpose cleaner. Dazz has a light, fresh scent, and is safe for all hard surfaces inside and out. Clean your entire home without chemical odors and toxins.

What’s Included?

• 2 Packets* of Dazz's All-Purpose Cleaner
• The Last Spray Bottle You Will Ever Need


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Amazing produt

DAZZ Cleaning Tablets
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Bathroom Starter Kit
Bathroom Starter Kit
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3 reviews
Begin your journey with Dazz with our starter kit. Soap scum and toothpaste grime are no match for our mighty cleaning tablets. With natural deodorizers and a fresh tropical breeze scent, Dazz makes cleaning the bathroom as pleasant as cleaning the bathroom can be.

What’s Included?

• 2 Packets* of Dazz's Bathroom Cleaner
• The Last Spray Bottle You Will Ever Need

Based on 3 reviews

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Blessing Property Maintenance
Amazing produt
We clean vacation rental propertys and have been using dazz for a little over a year now. The products save us money. My cleaning crews and I love only having to carry around one bottle and a few extra tablets. Also we love not having to be exposed to harsh smelly chemicals all day. We have had many customer say how clean and great their home smells with these products. These products clean just as good as any cleaning products on the market.

Works and smells great!

Better than the harsh chemical name brands and better for the environment.

Works well ... I use daily

Cleans my granite counters and other surfaces in my kitchen with the all purpose cleaner. Does really well, pleasant mild scent, nice crystal color, easy hold bottle I can use over and over to help eliminate plastic waste :) and the price is right ... I will save $$$. I'm on my second refill ... have to purchase more tabs very soon.

Tough on Grease

I'm constantly cooking at home. My stove top is covered in grease constantly. The All-Purpose cleaner is my go to for getting tough grease stains off the stove top.

Excellent Product

Really impressed by this kit! The cleaner is effective and smells great - no harsh chemical smell. I love that it is dog friendly so I can use it all around my house!

The Dazz Difference

Dazz is a revolutionary new eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning product that is not only safe for children, pets, and the Tide Pod Challenge (although we don't recommend consumption) but also attacks the singe-use plastic problem head-on by saving hundreds of thousands of plastic bottles every year.


Food Grade Citric Acid. Sodium bicarbonate. Sodium Carbonate. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate derived from coconuts. Food grade fragrance. Colorant.

How it Works

Step 1

Fill spray bottle with water.

Use any 32oz. spray bottle.

Step 2

Drop in your DAZZ tablets.

Don't screw on sprayer until tablets are completely dissolved.

Step 3

Attach sprayer and get cleaning.

 Time to get fizzy with it.



Covid-19 Update Arrow

Dazz is effective in removing COVID-19 from any solid surface where Dazz is applied and wiped. To disinfect a hard surface, we recommend misting the surface with Hydrogen Peroxide after cleaning with Dazz.  


Is Dazz a disinfectant?

Great question. While Dazz is effective at removing bacteria and viruses, it does not kill them.  We are currently working on an EPA registered disinfectant that should be released soon. In the meantime, for safe and effective surface disinfecting, we recommend using Hydrogen Peroxide after cleaning with DAZZ.

What is Dazz made of?

Each product contains the following ingredients in different amounts. The amounts are our little secret.

Food Grade Citric Acid. Sodium bicarbonate. Sodium Carbonate. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate derived from coconuts. Food grade fragrance. Colorant.


With DAZZ being formulated with naturally safe plant & mineral based ingredients, it is non-toxic in both its tablet and fully diluted form. However, in tablet form, the ingredients are highly concentrated, and as we know, too much of even a good thing can be bad.  For a human, we recommend immediately rinsing the mouth and drinking a glass of water. Contact Poison Control at 1-800-222-1222 or call your physician. DO NOT INDUCE VOMITING unless told to by Poison Control or your doctor. For a pet, rinse their mouth with water, offer water to drink, and contact your veterinarian.